Before & After School Care

This service provides you with you with Before & After School care. 

Breakfast Club - Children usually come in at 8 am we serve them breakfast and have a little play session before we head out on foot to schools (10 mins walk)

After School Club - Once school is over we collect them from their class and bring them home on foot. Afternoon snack is then served which consists from a range of meals; Beans on Toast, Pizza, Croque monsieur, etc. All meals are served with a bowl of fruits or salad and either a cup of milk, hot chocolate or water.

Activities planned for the afternoon are then set out or they can relax as they please.

We provide drop off & pick up services for;

- St. Johns Fisher Primary School in Perivale

- Perivale Primary School

*a minimum of 3 days must be booked per week

School Friends