Painting Eggs

Half Day or Part Time Full Day Care

This service provides you with Half Day Care or Part Time Full Day Care, you can choose from morning or afternoon sessions.* 

Half Day sessions - Morning sessions are from 8am to 1pm or Afternoon sessions from 1pm to 6pm.

Part Time Full Day Care - You may choose from Monday to Friday with a minimum booking of 2 days per week.

We are open all throughout the year; except bank holidays and my own closure dates which is provided at the beginning of registration.

If extra hours are needed, before opening and after hours I'd be more than happy to provide the care if I am available.

This is an all inclusive service, we provide meals and drinks throughout the day. We also cater for vegetarians and Halal meals. Only nappies and wipes must be provided (most parents prefer different brands for their little ones to use).

*depending on availability a minimum of 2 days must be booked per week