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Inside our playroom

Our cars & garage area:

Our very spacious and large garden especially refurbished for the safety of the children and designed for children to be able to get all around the garden with their bikes, scooters.. etc on the paving. We have a swing set and 2 slides and a baby swing.

Our outdoor bubble cars, di-di cars, bicycle and scooter..

Our most loved dolls house

Our home corner area:

We have a very large indoor and outdoor play area, book corner, dressing up role play, building workshop, doctor set, Dinosaur train track and many more arts and crafts and messy activities which we organise during the day.

Planned Activities we do throughout the year

Our Royal wedding tea party

Children baked cakes, learnt about weddings, British values, royal etiquette and various topics related to Royals at last we enjoyed a nice royal tea party:

Mother's Day Craft: 

We also took the little ones to Salisbury's to shop for their mummy's daffodil plant


They all made their little Easter basket and we had an Easter hunt in the garden

The new addition to the family meet 'Lady Pinky' as they call her ;) children loves playing with her colorful and bright hair making all sorts of hair styles with the hairdressing sets and the hair dryers.

Father's day Hand & foot impression keepsake

Eid Party

I bought all the children a lovely gift for Eid, the children learnt about different religions and topic of the month was Eid. The children applied Henna on, decorated the playroom, we had music and overall an amazing party!! Happy kids, happy me ;)

Summer time splash about

We have the swimming pool and sprinklers out everyday during summer ensuring the children are well protected away from the sun by having them under the gazebo and plenty of sun screen protection. We love summer! Don't forget to bring your kiddies swimming costume, suncream and swim nappies!

different ways of melting ice faster;
Using a spray bottle, spoon or pouring warm water

Rakhi celebration, the children learnt about making relationship and friendship, made their own Rakhi bracelet for their friends and tied them on.

A usual day doing crafts

Mini beast adventure

Real life shopping, teaching them how to find everything on the shopping list for our gingerbread Christmas cookies from aisle to aisle, self check out 

Maths: measuring flour, sifting and making the ginger bread dough,

Cutting out the gingerbread shapes

decorating our gingerbread man

Birthday parties:

Pretend super market play with real money 

Chinese New Year Festival


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